What is SAS Leadership Curriculum?

Our SAS Leadership curriculum provides an approach to leadership development, focusing on servant, authentic, and spiritual leadership. We customize our SAS Leadership curriculum for each client workshop or university lecture. Each category of SAS includes multiple key elements, principles, and characteristics aimed to help individuals grow in their leadership roles.

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes the leader’s commitment to serving others. Instead of focusing solely on the traditional top-down approach where leaders wield authority and make decisions for their subordinates, servant leadership turns the traditional leadership model upside down. In this approach, leaders view themselves as servants first and prioritize the well-being and growth of their teams.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes leaders’ genuine and
transparent behavior. This approach is based on the idea that effective leadership stems from an authentic and sincere connection between leaders and their followers. Authentic leaders are true to themselves, their values, and their beliefs, and they encourage open and honest communication within their teams.

Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leadership is a leadership style that incorporates spiritual values and
principles into the workplace. It goes beyond the traditional understanding of leadership by integrating elements of ethics, morality, and a higher sense of purpose. Spiritual leaders are concerned with organizational success and their followers’ well-being and personal development. This leadership approach often draws on a leader’s spiritual or philosophical beliefs but is not necessarily tied to religious doctrine.

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