Great show this morning! Wow, you really got Tony March to open up. It was a perfect episode. He talked about child abuse and eating out of garbage cans–you really got him to open up! Your show was hard to turn away from. Great job!

Art Norman, NBC News Anchor

Thank you so much for the lovely note and cool mug. 

You did not know this, but I am a mug collector. I select my morning coffee mug based on how I’m feeling and what’s on the mug (i.e. alma mater name, inspirational phrase).  Your mug will be at the top of the rotation because who doesn’t need a little “soul” every morning. 

Blessings to you both.

Rev. Dr. Valerie

I believe our Path to Purpose, starts with understanding ourselves and then being intentional. We can’t define our path until we are clear about what matters to us and make the decision to selective.  Over the years, I realize that I’ve sometimes worked in organizations and reported to people that didn’t feed my soul or align with my values. While I can count the accomplishments, it was harder than it needed to be.
I used your Soul of a Leader Values Cards to clarify and prioritize my values, as I considered my next professional move. See attached picture. 
I used another company’s cards to create three piles “Essential, Less Important, Not important,”.  I first quickly sorted to reduce the number of cards and did a finer sort.  I then clustered the cards to articulate what’s most important to me:
I could see using these cards with an organization’s leadership team to discuss their values and how they show up every day, complement each other, and where there is a difference.  Employees could use the cards to share what they value about an organization during a culture exercise.  An org that has stated values could use the cards to discuss what the values really mean. These cards can help orgs or individuals seeking to define, clarify, and align their values.   
Yvonne Wolf

Hello Dr. Alicia – 

Thanks so much! I really enjoyed our talk.

And thank you so very much for the great mug! Your branding is wonderful!

Michael Boulware Moore

Thank you so very much for your valuable and meaningful contributions to our interactive Live, Zoom Career Conversation today as part of the Managing Your Career, 2020, and Beyond Series for our Loyola students. I am thrilled you could be part of our virtual program.

This was a particularly useful forum for the Graduate Business students, and specifically, the four who introduced themselves and presented unique, situational career questions to you both. We enjoyed hearing your insights, experience, advice, and stories which inspired and informed our audience on important topics related to their ongoing career and professional development. At this unprecedented time, while we are also offering some large webcasts with 50+ diverse audience members, we intentionally designed the Managing Your Career 2020 and Beyond Live Zoom Career Conversation Series to provide a special small group opportunity for graduate business students to get relevant and authentic input from experts like yourselves, while also getting exceptional input and insights from you based on your lived experience and values, as Loyola alumni. Thank you also for introducing us to the Soul of A Leader Podcast and related opportunities.


Loyola University